Why You Care So Much (& Easy methods to Cease)

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Why You Care So A lot (&  Stop)
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  2. If you don't want to care what people think of you, what you have to do is, do things you truly believe in.
    Alot of guys want to buy a sports car and if you ask them if they are interested in fast cars, most of them say no.
    And if they think about the why, it's because you secretely want to impress other people.
    And that's not the right reason to buy a car.
    Same with career choice. People want to have a fancy job, so they can tell people what they do for a living even though they hate their job.

    Next time you want to buy something or do something, just think for yourself: Is this something I really want to do or is there a small chance that I'm doing it to "'fit in" or impress other people.
    If that's the case don't do it. Find what you truly love for a job, hobby, love and you will be the happiest person in the world and people will notice.

  3. I stopped caring about certain people when my mom passed away and the same so called friends weren't there for me the same way I was for them when their parents/siblings passed away. They turned shady. When an existing life expires or when a new life is born people show their true colors.

  4. Seriously… I’ve been going to job interviews ever since 2 decades ago. I really thought job interview jitters was a thing of the past for me. However, last week I went to a job interview, and I totally botched it due to nerves. I was so not myself that day. And guess what? I didn’t even really want the job!

  5. I prefer being lone wolf, I march on the beat of my own drum. What happened with Max btw guys, you were saying you will still go there once a month and hang out but probably both of you have been busy and focused on their own business and once you get distanced then definitely you lose the contact.

  6. Hey man ever consider doing dating advice in regards to how to keep her interested so she doesn't ghost or give you the "no spark" text after one or two dates? You seem to focus on just getting the date but I know a lot of people including myself who don't have any problem getting dates it's keeping the girl interested/attracted to you that is the problem. They seem to change their minds every 5 seconds. Serious emotional creatures women are! Anyways thanks bro!

  7. I’ve watched a dozen or so of your videos over the last couple of years, today you earned my subscription. I don’t know where you are in your YouTube journey but you helped me today when I needed it, THANK YOU.

  8. ur actually someone i look up to… and now i just ordered 2 Hometown Longsleeve shirts soo i can support u. I hope they are as dope as they look.

  9. My guy had advice for me every time I needed it, from when I was "skinny fat" to when I needed to bulk. His videos have always been there and are geared towards so many different people. Respect bro! Gains!

  10. Damn David, I’m 16 and all your advice inspires me so much. I had to cut off bad friends who influenced me in the wrong way and made me lose my way and it was so much easier cause of you. Now I’m on the road to getting jacked lol. Thanks a lot 🙏🏽

  11. Wow David this really hit home. Right now, it is my greatest effort to HIDE the self-development journey that I am on from my family, friends and everyone else. I hide the books I read, no one knows I am into pick-up or that I have done a coaching, not even my best friends. Like I would die of shame, should they ever find that out.
    After giving this some thought, I think the reason that I am hiding that so bad, is that I am afraid they will think less of me. Like for example I have a book called "No More Mr Nice Guy". If any of my friends find this book, I am afraid they will be like "Haha he is a nice guy, that is why he needs that book. He wants to change but he can't." I know the right thing would be to just suck it up and NOT give a fuck. Just do it. But I am too afraid at this point. I think I can get there eventually though.

  12. Lone wolf is in the genetics you can slighly train it but deep inside you are a lone wolf I know it myself even thought I have been in many groups partys and had soo many friends I always want to be alone xD it's like I feel confortable doing what I want to do at my own and I also like being with friends every now and then but only to feel like I belong somewhere but deep inside I feel better alone after hanging out with friends is not the same being alone all the time than being alone after hanging out with some one the best moment is that moment when I am alone after hanging out it's like yeah I am alone but I fit somewhere and now I am cool doing my way there is people who wants to hang out every day every hour I don't like that at all it tires my mental I need to be calm and do my stuff there are kids who are literally lone wolfs and others who like hanging out all the time that's why I say it's in the genes it manifests since really young ages people who gets mentally tired of socialiting all day long or for a long period of time

  13. Smashed that thumbs up button like crazy because after all this time now I finally know why I'm a lone wolf and why I definitely want to stay one!

    Now everything makes sense!

    So thanks David, your videos are really a life saver!

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