What I discovered inside was worse than I imagined | The right way to drink

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What I discovered inside was worse than I imagined |  How one can drink
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#worse #imagined #drink
For a restricted time solely, get 50% OFF your first 6-bottle field https://bit.ly/BrightCellarsHowToDrink14 for a total of only $55 together with ...
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  1. Holy shit, the Bartesian thing is £442 on Amazon and somehow has good ratings from a lot of people. I mean looking at the average Twitter post I suppose it's not too hard to imagine how but still…..

  2. Bartesian: Make the machine do what it needs to do in the cheapest way possible. Have it focus more on looks and flash, rather than a quality product.

    Drinkworks: An honest attempt to satisfy the needs in a quality way. Perhaps a little over-engineered in some places and falling a bit short in others, but still a very passionate attempt.

  3. Keurigs and people buying them are a pure expression of human disdain for the world and one another.

  4. See, at least with a coffee Keurig, you can just run a shot of regular coffee through it. Done like that, it's basically a drip pot.

  5. Greg ripping off the Bartesians head has serious DOOM 2016 vibes.

    It's almost identical to the glory kill when Doomslayer rips the jaw off of an imp.


  6. That tank you opened is actually part of a closed loop cooling system, so none of that water touched the drinks at all. It was definitely about to fail though.

  7. Hey there side note. I love your videos and your set is amazing. How you ever considered facing the bottle labels on the shelves toward the camera? I see them all the time and it somehow feels wonky. Wondering how that would look from a camera perspective. I know in a real bar people are moving around and see stuff from other angles, but being stationary, how would it look if all focused to the audience?

  8. 18:15 Anyone else getting serious Dankpods vibes from this bit? I entirely expected him to go grab a rock and start hitting it

  9. I flinched more than once! PLEASE buy yourself some safety glasses. It's all fun til someone loses an eye.

  10. I don't understand the market for these things. Maybe offices. Part of making cocktails is the making not pushing a button

  11. Anything that involves liquids or vapors going through tubes is going to produce mold. Even those water bladder systems that people drink from eventually mold in the tubes. I'm sure the tubes going to people's ice machines eventually mold as well. This is also what happens to CPAP machines.

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