What Artists Can Study From Greta Van Fleet

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What Artists Can Learn From Greta Van Fleet
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#Artists #Be taught #Greta #Van #Fleet
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23 thoughts on “

  1. They really have cultivated a tight community between themselves and the fans, and the fans with each other. Chances are high that you'll find the fandom incredibly civilized, kind, and accepting. Who does that?? Greta does. I've been around for a hot minute and I've never seen anything like it. They're going to be huge.

  2. People who go on and on with LZ comparisons demonstrate just how superficial their understanding of music is. It's a shite opinion, musically ignorant, and profoundly lazy.

    Firstly, Zeppelin was a ripoff band of an entire ecosystem of blues and blues-rock (and they were so called out when they first came up). So were many of the bands of that era that, like Elvis before them, appropriated a foundation of music and, because of their position in society, made serious green adapting and riffing on the style. So, foundationally, people who are on about GVF being a LZ ripoff or plagiarizing or unoriginal yada yada basically sign a piece of paper that says "I know nothing about the history of music but just am a cultist for this one band that I believe descended out of the sky from God. Yes, I'm that dumb."

    Secondly, GVF have tons of super obvious influence from many singers, bands, and styles of that era – not just LZ. Many songs are far more Rush than LZ. Floyd, Yes, Triumph, hell, Josh Kiszka's voice has elements of Brian Johnson, John Fogerty, Geddy Lee (powerful elements), and a lot of unique flourishes beyond Plant. If you keep chanting "Robert Plant" like some Zeppelin monk you frankly are an idiot. RP and ZP are not the nexus of all music from that era. Not even close. You come off as a brainwashed ninny worshipping at the feet of your favorite band when you do this stuff. Just stop.

    It's hilarious and depressing. These people whining like a bunch of dogs in heat about how god-awful GVF is are often the same ones moaning about how modern music sucks and they wish it could be like it was. Comes a band with as much raw talent as anything they like (maybe more), clearly influenced and mashing up that genre in a way millions of people love (large sell out shows, records sold, etc), and all they can do is say, "Well, it sounds too much like the stuff I love and want to come back. Please let me lie down in this sad crypt of old music and listen to it again again like some dotard and reject a fantastic and creative new band."

    But with what I've seen the last 4-5 years around the world, it's par for the course in terms of mob stupidity amplified and metastasized on social media. Folks are just dumb and determined to shoot themselves and society in the leg.

  3. Old news, GVF is no longer doing things that sound like Led Zep, in fact Josh's voice is more mature sounding and the new Album doesn't sound like the old stuff they used to do . They have gone in a different direction and Garden's Gate is fantastic! You should get it.

  4. I completely agree with you, and these boys are wonderful. They are so genuine, with big hearts, and multi-talented. They brought the joy of listen to music back into my life. I am one of the older fans, but love this sound and hope they continue to have success. The new album is fantastic. Thank you for such a great review of this great band.

  5. The promo for the movie Ford vs Ferrari used GVF's Highway Tune! Their new album is FIERCE and is on an entirely new level for them! I hope you take a listen to it. ☮️

  6. They are the best Rock band out there. I can't compare them to Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin doesn't play anymore. Greta Van Fleet are recording their own music.

  7. GVF — Thank GOD my old life gets to relive what was REAL in music. You think they "sound" like Zep? That's the singer. They don't do Zep covers. You know WHAT every rock musician played in the 60's forward? Copied the black strummers and blues players and singers, male and female. Period. Stones, Beatles, you name it. They copies the American Black music scene hidden in the shadows, but luckily their music snuck into the day. So stop the "Zep" comparisons. My prediction? GVF will own the next decade, unless Post Malone and all of that rap hip hop out of style gotta have dancers and grab my crotch no melody oh god please give me some Rock again.

  8. I grew up in the Zeppelin era and I never got into them. Zeppelin fans lose their shit when I say that but I don't mean they weren't great, simply that they weren't my bag. But the second I heard GVF I got into them. Maybe it's just a hankering for the 70s, I don't know.

  9. Music Biz 101, well put, you make a lot of sense regarding GVF's rise to the top and I am a hobbyist drummer for over 25 years, plus I also happen to be 60 years old, and also a Greta Van Fleet fan even though they're old enough to be my kids. Keep up the positive encouragement and the important tips coming, and you take care as well.

  10. I'm going to quote something Jake said, because I think it expresses the band's attitude and outlook on negative reviews, perfectly. He said: "It's not really art if you aren't pissing someone off."
    I love these young guys. Wisdom beyond their years. 🤗💖👍

  11. great!i love led zep and now i love Greta Van Fleet……they do fill in a void.now this second or third album's promising to be more Greta……we shall see them evolve because they are multitalented guys who have the motivation behind the sound….beautiful!

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