How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "escape room 2"

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How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "escape room 2"
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#Beat #TRAP #quotescape #room #2quot
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  1. The one problem I have with cinema summary is that these players can’t do what he does.
    They’re risking their lives while he’s simply watching a movie, in dangerous situations with time limits, they can’t stop and think about things or they’ll die. Another thing, he has the internet to help him, what if the players didn’t know that the sand would be frictionless? They wouldn’t have been able to spend time researching fluidised sand beds cause 1 they wouldn’t have the time, and 2 they wouldn’t have anything to do it with.

    And it’s not just in this video, in many others there are points where he brings up information that not everyone knows or he’ll pause and think of an idea, then go to the internet and search it up to make sure he’s right, but these people can’t do that

  2. I like how he said that the girls could have crawled under the cab to avoid getting killed by the acid rain forgetting that acid is still technically liquid and could possibly pool up and move under the cab as well. I know acid is different from water, but running liquid will still pool up and flow in directions where there’s a dip or hill. So the girls may have survived, but not without some damage done.

  3. i just want to point out that the girl that couldn't feel pain isn't immune to acid. she just couldn't feel it melting her. so, i don't know if that makes her the go to person to be outside. if someone had to run thru the acid rain to get something then yes it probably should be her.

  4. This came out so much time ago but, if the time theyhave in the acid room gets lower everytime, wouldnt there be a moment where they would have no time and acid would just be infinetly pouring? Basically dooming them to choose between a painful but fast death by acid or a slow and painful death by starvation, exhaustion and of thirst.
    So if they followed your startegy they could beat the escape room but since they are panicking they would go look for useless things and then what i said in the beginning would happen so they were meant to die basically

  5. not feeling pain is actually kind of detrimental to her in this kind of situation, as pain is our indicator that smth is wrong and we need to get out of the pain inducing factor's way asap. without feeling pain, she is more likely to stay in the acids way more or literally not realize that lets say a shoulder is sticking out of the umbrella and by the time someone else noticed, her shoulder would literally be melted to the bone.

  6. erhh where would have got the mirrors from?erhh the chain is completely dissovled also i would have 1 standing between the entrance of the booth in case the door closes as well something for the taxi door.also getting under the taxi is not possible as u could clearly see the ground is wet from the acid rain

  7. Wait, I'm so confused.. When I saw this in theatres, the ending was totally different. After the acid trap, the main girl ends up in this room where one of the girl's from the previous movie tries to recruit her to make future escape rooms. When the main girl refuses, they show her friend Ben stuck in a trap, about to drown, which the main girl manages to free him by blowing the room up with fire. And then at the end of the movie, after the both of them think they have escaped and are safe, they take a plane which ends up being the same escape room plane from the end of the first movie…

  8. I skip your advertisements, because they are dumb and very poorly placed. In some cases, I just quit the video entirely because the CONTENT of the video isn't as important to YOU as the ADVERTISEMENTS are. It's a little scummy to shill off unrelated stuff just to make a buck, especially when you are sacrificing the quality of the content to do so.

  9. Even if they didn’t cut themselves on the diamonds, they may have made the same deduction if they thought of blood diamonds.

  10. bruh this version is completely different dafuq.
    The first room didnt exist. Zoey was at therapy and the therapist said that everything is a clue which is already super sussy. She tells zoey to drive to manhattan if she didnt wanna go on planes.Zoey and Ben drove to manhatten. They went to a building where they got mugged by a junkie. Then they went into the electrical subway. After the 4th room. She was in a room of a child. Sonya is amanda's daughter from escape room 1. She was threatened to make rooms otherwise her daughter will be killed. Then ben appears. If zoey did not agree to making rooms, ben will drown and die. Then she breaks a gas pipe and uses a lighter to burn the glass. Ben gets out and a door opens. They get out of there and go to the police station with amanda and ben. The news exposes minos and the police is running raids to stop rooms. Then they "think" minos and its hell its over and they can go on plane. Then when she goes to the toilet, She meets someone looking like the therapist with the same pen and sudoku workbook. Then oxygen masks drop and lethal gas is sprayed. Then a voice says "Welcome Back Zoey, The rooms are over when we say it does" and we are left on a cliffhanger.

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